Virgo And Sagittarius Compatibility

When Virgo meets Sagittarius it is earth meeting fire and differences between the two zodiac signs are too many to provide scopes for long term harmonious relationship. General approach towards life of Virgo is of specific overview of the situation while the Sagittarius will have a broader outlook that would be much more generic.


Virgo Woman And Sagittarius Man

Reverse relationship of Sagittarius man and Virgo woman is a completely different proposition as personality wise they are poles apart. He is never tamed and leads a life of full adventure and excitement while she is serious to life and stays away from all types of experiments.

Sagittarius man will not be able to fulfill the requirements of safety and security the Virgo woman would look for and would often make her anxious and apprehensive. While she is loyal, he is flirtatious and he will also grow tired soon about her predictability and carefulness.

Sagittarius Woman And Virgo Man

Either compatibility or long term relationship is never assured when Virgo man partners Sagittarius woman because the man is an introvert and does not like to mix much with people while the woman is an outright extrovert and fond of socializing. Somberness, serious nature and laid back attitudes exerted by Virgo man could be too much for the open minded and relaxing Sagittarius woman to handle. On the other hand her enthusiasm, unpredictability in actions, and wild nature could be a bit too much for Virgo man to withstand.

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